About us

Taboo Cigars were blended by Rob Worley and have been made exclusively for him since 2006 and sold Retail only from our Town & Country Cigar Warehouse in North Richland Hills, TX. We have kept Taboo Cigars exclusive for our locals until Nov 2017 when we began to wholesale to cigar shops around the world. Rob was the largest cigar distributor in North Texas from 1999 until late 2008 when he ceased the wholesale business and focused on getting Taboo Cigar Bar & Lounge open! Rob opened Taboo's first Taboo Cigar Bar & Lounge in late 2010 when his Dad George decided to joined him in the business. Taboo Cigars continue to blow away the sales on ALL the major cigar brands in our humidor for over 10 years now! Enjoy a Taboo Cigar today! There is NOTHING like it in the world! The MOST FULL FLAVOR mild-medium bodied cigars in the world!

Wholesale accounts are now available. Contact Rob at rob@taboocigars.com